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TruDraw Bowhunting Oil

TruDraw Bowhunting Oil

With minimal scent, TruDraw’s bow specific formula works into all the tight spots of your bow, crossbow, drop away rest, even your treestands to protect the metal from rust, reduce friction, free from squeaks, and performing like new. Ideal for cam protection and friction wear.


    TruDraw is a 100% synthetic blend oil engineered to protect your bow and it’s accessories.

    Whether you’re a big game hunter, bow fisherman, or a competitive shooter, your bow/crossbow is an investment. Protect it with TruDraw!

    That big buck isn’t afraid of snow, rain, or sleet. Your bow, crossbow, tree stand, and other equipment can handle the elements when TruDraw is protecting it. TruDraw was designed for optimum performance and unmatched protection from rust regardless of the hunting or shooting conditions.

    By forming a bond to the metal TruDraw gives lasting protection in the toughest conditions. In one application, you clean, lubricate, and leave a lasting barrier of protection. Apply to all moving parts or areas that would be prone to squeak. Gently wipe off excess oil and feel the remaining layers of TruDraw at work as it continues to clean, protect, and lubricate. TruDraw is designed for bows, crossbows & metals used in bow hunting and bow fishing.

    It’s Not Worth NOT Using!

    Long lasting rust protection from water and extreme temperatures.

    One of the cleanest synthetic bases in the industry.

    Total bow care in one step application (Cleans, Lubricates, Protects).

    Highly Concentrated! A little goes a LONG WAY!

    Will not harm limbs, cams, or other bow parts.

    Reduce noise, on all bowhunting equipment.

    Great for all the moving parts of your bow.

    Perfect for Crossbow rail.

    When applied to screws & bolt heads removal is a breeze.

    Use it on treestands, drop-away rests, releases and MORE!


    Shipped from TRUProducts

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